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PowerCenter to the Cloud

PowerCenter to the Cloud

Informatica PowerCenter remains the best data integration technology in on-premise environments but has increasing requirements for integration with Cloud environments, whether PaaS like SnowFlake or SaaS like SalesForce.

The strategy of organizations must maintain on-premise integrations but at the same time evolve and integrate into the Cloud, in order to support hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Through the PowerCenter to the Cloud Service...

  • We offer you the solution through an iPaaS platform such as Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC). This Cloud platform provides all the functionality required for both onPremise and Cloud integration.
  • It does not require the removal of the traditional PowerCenter but allows the implementation of new requirements in Informatica’s Cloud environment while leveraging the Data Governance features offered by the entire platform.
  • If you decide to move PowerCenter to the Cloud, you’ll find that using Informatica Cloud Data Integration is a breeze.
  • At DataSpurs we have been working with this technology for over 20 years and our knowledge ensures the success of these cloud migration initiatives.

We want to help you. Shall we talk about your migration to the Cloud?

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