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About us


We were born as a consulting project but we do not pretend to be a consulting firm.

A team led by people with a recognized trajectory within the Data sector, we work under a horizontal structure and directly with the end client.
At DataSpurs we defend three basic principles: senior profiles, high technical specialization and the development of solutions in the areas of Big Data, Data Governance and Cloud Data Management.
Our focus is on the definition and strategic implementation of projects in the area of Data Management.
Our long experience leads us to become your reference partner in Data Management.


These are the values we practice at DataSpurs and what we would like to be recognized for, what we want to be and what we work for every day.


  1. We feel special and practice specialization.
  2. Apart from technical knowledge, we work with common sense.
  3. We enjoy what we do and how we do it.
  4. We put a lot of effort into our work and it costs us a lot of effort.
  5. We believe in respect for our colleagues, our customers and our service.
  6. We like to be reliable and transparent and to be perceived as such.
  7. We believe in leadership.
  8. We know that humility is spelled with an H and that is why it is part of our daily work.
  9. If we make mistakes, we rectify them.
  10. We are committed not only to quality, but also to warmth in our work.
  11. We are not a big family, but we like to get along well with each other.
  12. We believe we understand what it means to be a consultant and to do consulting.
  13. (12+1): We do not believe in luck, but we do believe in our effort and dedication.


If you are passionate about data, you are an analytical, curious person and you want to specialize in the Big Data, Cloud Data Management and Data Governance sector.
If you have an inquiring mind and are looking for a space where you can develop your skills, away from impersonal consulting projects, you can be part of our team.
We are Platinum Partner consultants in Spain and Portugal of the best data integration tool in the market (according Gartner report).
You will find a flexible and continuous learning environment, a space where you can develop your skills and grow professionally.
And… in DataSpurs we work hard but we also know how to have fun. 😉
Have we convinced you? Send us your data, we want to meet you.
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