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Informatica offers the most advanced tools in Data Governance: data cataloging, quality, security and acces in a single platform. 

Informatica EDC and Axon are the “Enterprise Data Catalog” that connects any data from advanced SnowFlake, SalesForce or WorkDay legacy on-premise Cloud environments. The data glossary allows you to find the data you require and know its status.

Informatica is the catalog of catalogs.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence we will have a complete view of the data and its meaning including:

  • Automatic cataloging of data in an industrialized way.
  • Assignment of responsibilities and owners of each data.
  • Sensitive data detection and automated protection.
  • Detection and monitoring of Data Quality based on content profiling and analysis.

Data Integration

Data management systems are becoming increasingly diverse. Relational databases, SQL environments, NoSQL, DataLakes and DWH in Cloud work integrated on the same platform, as well as batch, real time, CDC, etc. latencies.

Traditional ETLs such as Informatica PowerCenter, still allow orchestration of data ingestion processes across different systems.

But today’s needs demand systems like Informatica Cloud Data Integration capable of integrating on-premise data with Cloud SaaS environments and generating advanced analytics environments through massive data replication.

The integration of traditional and Cloud data on the same platform brings total flexibility and scalability to your business.

The absence of code in these systems means savings in maintenance costs, optimized management and the ability to preserve processes that already work.

In addition, new and changing data formats, such as changes to Json-like packages, are prevented from impacting the organization’s business. With Informatica’s solution, updated systems will locate data wherever it is without human intervention.

Application Integration

Cloud applications, many in SaaS format, and core systems that continue in on-premise environments must operate with a unified Application Integration strategy.

Using out-of-the-box functions for specific departmental solutions undermines application coordination at the corporate level.

To meet analytics requirements, it is imperative to have online data that is always up to date. We can’t wait until the end of the month to do a batch load process that moves a data packet.

Informatica CAI (Cloud Application Integration) is the modular architecture-based solution that supports any integration pattern, data set, user type, or endpoint to automate business processes, streamline transactions, and enable real-time analytics.

Big Data Management

In recent years, Spark technology has enabled the development of massive computing processes within Hadoop clusters such as Cloudera.

The evolution of the technology requires the acquisition of new skills by the organization. We have evolved from Map Reduce to Scale, to Python, etc., and this will be a growing trend.

The main challenge is to minimize the operational costs of the platform while providing the flexibility to the business to implement new requirements.

Informatica Big Data Management is the solution that offers:

  • Desarrollo visual sin necesidad de código. Zero code.
  • Ejecución optimizada dentro del clúster con generación de código usando sus paralelismos y características.
  • Integración con las herramientas de Data Governance corporativas.
  • Integración de datos con entornos externos al clúster, ya sean BD relacionales tradicionales como entornos NoSQL o DataLakes.
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