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Journey to Cloud

Journey to Cloud

Current data integration systems are not flexible enough to respond in real time to changing business requirements.

We have developed many data management processes using code and now that we are going to the Cloud we see that we have to rewrite a lot of this code. If we don’t want this to happen to us again, knowledge of the most appropriate technologies for this journey is key.

The Cloud makes life easier in many aspects but more complex in many others since the ease of moving data implies greater difficulty when it comes to governing environments and applications.

Finding out what data we want to migrate or where to start is already a challenge as it is sometimes difficult to know what are the dependencies of each data and application.

Do we have poor quality data on-premise? If we do not fix them we will have poor quality data in the Cloud.


Through the Journey to Cloud service...

  • We accompany organizations that want to migrate or are in the process of going to the Cloud.
  • We bring a team with more than 20 years of experience in data management, expert in the use of Informatica as the best in class of data integration platforms in the cloud.
  • We define the data architecture that best fits the current and future needs of the enterprise.
  • In addition to integrating data, we connect applications to implement agile and above all flexible business processes.
  • The goal is to avoid “code chopping”. With Informatica, the company will be independent of this. What works today on a Spark can be launched tomorrow on a Snowflake.

Will we accompany you in the transformation of your business to the cloud?

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