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Managed Services

Managed Services

Efficiently managing the day-to-day running of the corporate data management platform is a huge job (requests for new data, data access, quality measures, etc.).

The more data-driven the organization is, the more resources we must devote to ensuring that the data is where it should be, at the right time, in the right quality, in the right format, and in the right privacy.

At DataSpurs we help you to efficiently manage your corporate data management platform so that you can dedicate your resources to what generates the most value for your business.


Through the Managed Services...

  • We take care of the efficient management of the entire Informatica platform:
    • Definition of data architectures
    • Designing the best solution for each business requirement
    • Platform administration, etc.
  • We have a team certified by the manufacturer capable of solving any incident in the platform and make it always available to provide a 24/7 service.

We want to help you. Shall we talk about your data strategy?

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