Data privacy & security

Beyond legislative obligations, data privacy control is key to maintaining our reputation in the marketplace.

Más allá obligaciones legislativas, el control de la privacidad de los datos es clave para mantener nuestra reputación en el mercado.

Reliable and business-useful data

Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) require us to comply with the guidelines around data privacy and secure access to information to protect people from fraudulent use of their personal data.

Security breaches and data leaks, however, can cause serious reputational issues that directly impact our business.

In complex environments, there are hundreds of databases and applications that manage personal data. Often there are so many of them and their interrelationship is so complex that it is difficult to find and catalog these sensitive data.


The steps to follow in Data privacy & security

  • Identify sensitive data in our system and catalog them according to risk levels.
  • Manage data access.
  • Define data masking policies to ensure secure access in internal environments.
  • Identify access control systems and monitor them.
  • Perform continuous monitoring of data access KPIs.

DataSpurs uses the best tools to automate the study of sensitive data. Can you explain your case?

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