Data to Cloud trip

We are all going to the Cloud ... but how?
Understanding the challenges and knowing the best strategies is key to making this journey a success.

Todos vamos al Cloud … pero ¿cómo?

Entender los retos y conocer las mejores estrategias es clave para hacer de este viaje un éxito

A complete trip

Going to the Cloud is not an easy process. Applications must continue to run while we are migrating to ensure continued service to our internal and external customers.

The needs to migrate to the Cloud are diverse (Data Integration, Application Integration, etc.) and require specific technologies and specialized resources.

Current data management technologies (ETL, …) fall short when it comes to connecting with Cloud systems. Complex, unstructured data, SaaS systems, etc. All this generates a complex environment to manage.


The benefits of the Cloud

  • Simplicity to adapt the business reducing the impact on the company’s systems.
  • Cost savings in platform maintenance.
  • Elastic scalability with the needs of each moment.
  • Agility in the time to market of the projects.
  • Flexibility to move our systems in an agile way between Clouds and to manage hybrid environments.

DataSpurs is your companion journey to the Cloud

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